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The Sarcastic Sunflower

Stay Weird

Stay Weird

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The back is decorated with a beautiful pastel mint, details sealed with resin for a smooth, long lasting finish and shine!

Measures approximately 2" tall by 1.5" wide.


Choose your attachment style! Badge Reel/Lanyard, Bag Bolt, or Pin/Brooch! See pictures and description below for more information on each option!


Badge Reel/Lanyard

You can choose if you would like your badge reel interchangeable or permanent! The interchangeable option gives you the ability to swap out your badge toppers onto different reels. Just pull firmly to release the velcro and remove the topper from the reel, and then press firmly until you hear a "snap" to attach your topper to a new reel! You can also order the topper without a reel, it will come with a piece of velcro affixed to the back. Replacement reels also available!


⭐️ Alligator Swivel Clip ⭐️

Most popular option! The swivel spring clip on the back of the reel provides a 360-degree rotation in any direction. 34” retractable cord. Clear/translucent in color.


⭐️ Belt Clip ⭐️

The belt clip is ideal for wear on belt/waistband and/or pocket, it has a slide on clip that does not swivel. 34” retractable cord. Clear/translucent in color.


⭐️ MRI safe clips ⭐️

MRI safe badge reels are MRI and imaging room friendly - non ferrous metal is non-magnetic, 360 degree swivel clamp clip on back - great for neckline, pocket or waistband on scrubs, top slot can attach to a lanyard clip. 24” retractable cord.

Choose from white or black clip color.


⭐️ Lanyards ⭐️

This wide (5/8”) tubular lanyard is comfortable to wear and has a soft spongy feel to it and features a breakaway device that will snap apart if the lanyard gets caught or pulled too hard, which can then easily be snapped back together.

The cord of the reel extends up to 34”, so it offers enough reach to easily pull your ID card towards your reader from the badge reel, and the reel will then roll back into its idle position on its own and remain right where you need it. Although the lanyard does provide a breakaway feature, it has a firm enough grip to prevent the lanyard from snapping apart when the reel is being used. The lanyard is 36” total circumference.

Choose from black, white, red, green, yellow, royal blue, navy blue, maroon, or orange!


**Excessive weight can cause the badge reel to sag/not retract properly; the badge reels are not meant to have more than 3.5 oz hanging from clip**


Bag Bolt

Accessorize your Bogg or Simply Southern bag! The bag bolt is permanently attached to the topper, the bolt is a screw on design, so you never have to worry about it falling out or popping off!



Accessorize your outfit, jacket, backpack, etc! Want to display your favorite design but don’t wear a badge reel? This is the perfect option for you! Features a locking safety clasp so that it is secure where you put it!


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